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Interior Designing


Autocad / Interior Designing
Getting Started with AutoCAD
* Starting the Software
* User Interface
* Working with Commands
* Cartesian Workspace
* Opening an Existing Drawing File
* Viewing Your Drawing
* Saving Your Work
Basic Drawing & Editing Commands
* Drawing Lines
* Erasing Objects
* Drawing Lines with Polar Tracking
* Drawing Rectangles
* Drawing Circles
* ndo and Redo Actions
Projects- Creating a Simple Drawing
* Create a Simple Drawing
* Create Simple Shapes
Organizing your Drawing with Layers
* Creating New Drawings with Templates
* What are Layers?
* Layer States
* Changing an Objectís Layer
Advanced Object Type
* Drawing Arcs
* Drawing Polylines
* Editing Polylines
* Drawing Polygons
* Drawing Ellipse

* Working with Annotations
* Adding Text in a Drawing
* Modifying Multiline Text
* Formatting Multiline Text
* Adding Notes with Leaders to Your Drawing
* Creating Tables
* Modifying Tables

Advanced Editing Commands
* Trimming and Extending Objects
* Sketching Objects
* Creating Fillets and Chamfers
* Offsetting Objects
* Creating Arrays of Objects
Inserting Blocks
* What are Blocks?
* Inserting Blocks
* Working with Dynamic Blocks
* Inserting Blocks with DesignCenter
* Inserting Blocks with Content Explore

Drawing Precision in AutoCAD
* Using Running Object Snaps
* Using Object Snap Overrides
* Polar Tracking at Angles
* Object Snap Tracking
* Drawing with Snap and Grid (Optional)

Making Changes in Your Drawing
* Selecting Objects for Editing
* Moving Objects
* Copying Objects
* Rotating Objects
* Scaling Objects
* Mirroring Objects
* Editing with Grips

Setting Up a Layout
* Printing Concepts
* Working in Layouts
* Copying Layouts
* Creating Viewports
* Guidelines for Layouts

Printing Your Drawing
* Printing Layouts
* Printing from the Model Tab

Projects- Preparing to Print
* Mechanical Project
* Architectural Project
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