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CCTV Operator With Networking Course Module 2
Alarm Settings

Vidoe Loss Settings

DVR ON/OFF Time Management

CCTV Camera Wiring Setup

Output setup on TV / LCD

Funtions of  DVR

Video Quality Configuration

PTZ Camera Connections

PTZ Configuration

PTZ View, Zoom & Rotation

Video Splitter

& More .......

Networking & Cloud Installation Setup

Network Setup

Network Diagram Structure

Data Sharing

Ip Finder / Scanner 

Port Checking

Lan Detection DVR / NVR

Remote Backup

Video & Audio Backup

DVR/ NVR Networking Setting


Dynamic DNS

P2P Networking

Remote Viewing Camera

Mobile Configuration Setting

Modem & Router Configuration

Port Forwarding

Android Smartphone / Tablets View Software

& More

Introduction to CCTV

CCTV Equipment

Types of Analog & Digital Camera

Indoor/ Outdoor Camera

DOME, IR DOME, IR Bullet, Box, Mini Box

IP Camera, NVR Camera

Camera Power Supply


Types of CCTV Cable

Types of Cable use for CCTV Camera

Types of Connectors BNC / RCA

Different type of Connector Setup

Connector Extender


Types of DVR /NVR

Understanding DVR Setup

DVR Hardisk Installation

DVR Configuration

Multiple DVR Configuraion

MIC Installation Kit Setup

Audio Input & Output Setup

Video Recording Management


Video & Audio Backup

Motion Detection / Cover Channel

Camera Lenses

Types of lenses

Lense Changing

DVR/ NVR  Password Protection

DVR/ NVR Password Cracking

Creating User Account  & Settings..
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