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Laptop Repairing Course
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Laptop Repairing Course
Module 1 (Basics)
Introduction of laptop and comparison of various Laptops.
Block diagram of laptop & description of all its sections.
Identification of laptop sections and connectors.
Assembling and disassembling a Laptop.
Study of parts of a laptop.
Module 2 (Hardware Troubleshooting)
Checking of various parts of a laptop.
Checking of batteries and adaptors.
Replacing different parts of laptops.
Upgrading RAM, HDD and other parts.
Testing, fault finding and troubleshooting techniques.
Attaching Different Parts to laptop
Module 3 (Software Troubleshooting)
Installation of operating systems.
Installation of application softwares.
Removing of virus / malwares and installation of anti-virus.
Security against all viruses.
Software troubleshooting techniques.
Data recovery
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